Episode #4: Never Too Late to Change Your Story

gratititude lifestylemedicine reflection selfcare selfimprovement Jul 16, 2023
This past Thursday was my 45th trip around the sun.
I am making a point to celebrate this day and every year moving forward. In our society, as we get older, there is a natural tendency to be thought of as too old to create a new story for ourselves…too old to change careers, too old to get married, too old to have children, too old to make healthier choices and change the trajectory of our lives for good, too old to find happiness.
As I sit here and reflect on my life so far,  I am filled with gratitude and this overwhelming sense of excitement for what’s to come. My path has been far from linear or traditional. And looking back, all of the most beautiful and meaningful decisions and experiences I have had happened later in life for me…not when they were necessarily “supposed to” from a societal or cultural standard.
From becoming a doctor, to marrying my best friend & soulmate—an Air Force doc—after spending years of residency in a long distance relationship, to my greatest gifts—my children—who I gave birth to at a "later than ideal" age, my youngest at 40, to the decision to pursue further training in the field of my passion Lifestyle Medicine— these amazing, life-changing high points happened late for me. And finally, the decision to follow my dreams and launch my own lifestyle medicine coaching practice….and after spending years helping empower my patients to regain power over their health, making a point to take charge of my own wellness and weight.
I am grateful for it all and wouldn’t change a thing. While it has been far from easy, this wild ride has made my life full and brought so much happiness.
45 will be beautiful. I will make this year count and I will celebrate. I will continue to embrace positivity, filter out negativity and surround myself with amazing humans who inspire and motivate.
It’s never too late to take charge of your life and change your story. Make a point to celebrate your birthday each year and see it as an opportunity for self-improvement, change and growth. Celebrate it all. Follow what fuels your fire, find the job that lights you up, embrace healthy choices, lose the weight, surround yourself with people who lift you up, put the phone down and just be.
Make each year your best yet❤️