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I am a double board certified Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine physician and the founder of Enso Lifestyle Health. 

I attended Stanford University where I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences with Honors and a Minor in French and then continued on to obtain my MD from Jefferson Medical College. My internship was completed at Boston Medical Center and my Internal Medicine Residency at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. My medical education continued through Harvard Medical School and I received my board certification from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

The focus of my research has been nutrition, specifically the Mediterranean Diet and how adherence to such a diet can lead to a longer, happier and healthier life. I have lectured on the results of my research at prestigious institutions throughout the country such as Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC and The United States Air Force Department of Endocrinology in San Antonio, Texas.  

Growing up, my family emphasized a food first philosophy. As a child, I participated in cooking delicious Persian and Azerbaijani foods—always from scratch and with an abundance of fresh herbs, legumes and healing spices. This food culture became engrained in me from a very early age and I carried it with me when I left home for college and later in medical school.

My husband and I met during our internship at Boston Medical Center. While he was an active duty officer in the United States Air Force, we were stationed in Virginia. There, I spearheaded Lunch and Learn lectures at the United States Air Force Health and Wellness Center where I taught airmen and their families how to make simple, nutrient-dense dishes in just 30 minutes.  

As a physician-in-training, it was the first time I was responsible for taking care of my own patients and witnessing the incredible power of lifestyle intervention on their health outcomes. I was eager to apply my knowledge and clinical training to my medical practice as a new attending physician.  

After completing my training, I began my career as a primary care physician in Southern Virginia, where my husband was stationed. As primary care physicians, we are responsible for the overall health and wellness of our patients, both body and mind. We care not only for our patients' health now but also for the rest of their lives. However, the medical system is designed to treat individuals after they become sick, rather than focusing on preventing and optimizing health and wellness.  Often times, there simply was not enough time or resources to support the sickest patients, often leading to more hospital stays and more medical interventions. Over the next 10 years, I practiced as a primary care physician in northern New Jersey and Boston, where I faced similar challenges.

As doctors, we all strive to serve every patient that walks into our exam room to the best of our abilities. Our ultimate hope and desire is to help them to heal and lead happier lives.  We can endure all the late hours, all the overnight calls, all the emergencies because we believe that we can make a difference for the better.  Lack of time, resources, and support were making this life mission increasingly more difficult, impossible really.   My frustration and anger toward a system that does not prioritize prevention and wellness grew, until I realized that I too was a victim. After two difficult pregnancies with complications, I struggled to get back to my whole health.  I knew something needed to change.

I used all my knowledge and training as both an internal medicine and lifestyle medicine doctor to fight my way back to my own health and wellness.  I made the very difficult decision to leave my primary care career to launch Enso Lifestyle Health to make the service of optimizing whole health and wellbeing available and accessible to more patients.  


To learn more about my approach and philosophy and how Enso Lifestyle Health  can help you can achieve your unique health and wellness goals, please click below to contact me directly.

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