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mindset purpose weight loss wellness Jun 29, 2024

People reach out to me for many reasons, but where we start might surprise you.


  • Want to lose weight for good
  • Improve their health 
  • Come off of lifelong medications 
  • Prevent and reverse chronic medical problems 
  • Feel better in their bodies
  • Be a better role model for their kids
  • Boost energy and mood 
  • Lower inflammation 
  • Improve the quality of their sleep 
  • Get stronger and improve exercise tolerance 
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Resolve persistent nagging symptoms 
  • Optimize fertility 
  • Just plain take control of their health

They want to talk about medical stuff—about their labs and how to lower cholesterol and blood pressure--, about their diets and what to eat specifically, about how to meal plan, how to find an exercise routine that works for them and their schedule and that they don’t hate, about clean and nontoxic products and how to make better choices for their families. 

All of this is without a doubt extremely important. And we get into ALL of it, but it’s not where I start.

Where I actually begin with all of my clients is first and foremost, getting the mind right. You can’t embark on this journey and truly enjoy the ride while reaping the benefits without being in the right headspace first. What is your purpose? Why do you want this change so much? And why does it matter to you?

You can want specific results.

But without tying them to your purpose, they are just floating desires, not rooted in that which emotionally connects and drives you. That means you’re likely to give up when you face challenges and won’t get the lasting change you deeply desire. And next, you have to deem yourself worthy of change, worthy of what this will translate into in every aspect of your life. Because this is not about simply losing weight for good or reversing your hypertension and coming off of that hydrochlorothiazide or feeling recharged and happier—this will completely alter the trajectory of your life.

It’s not only your weight and health that will be impacted.

The changes will trickle into every piece of your existence. This includes your relationships with friends, family, partners, colleagues, your identity and position at work, your life balance, and your overall happiness. And you have to not just want this but believe it in your core that you deserve it.

So if you want to create sustainable healthy changes, it starts with asking yourself: Why do you truly want to make this change and do you deem yourself worthy of the change? 

I’ll be sharing the life-threatening event that led me to creating Enso Lifestyle Health and what you can learn from it in the next newsletter.

See you in two weeks.


P.S. If you’re serious about making a lasting change to your health, weight, or energy levels, I have one coaching spot opening up next month. DM me the word “sustainable” on Instagram or Facebook, or send me an email. We’ll set-up a free 30 minute Wellness Discovery Session to see if we might be a fit.


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